Q: How many members are in the Club?

There are 500 members places available in the Club.

Q: How many horses are there in the Club?

There will be at least 2 horses (1 x flat and 1 x jump) in the Club and this is the minimum the Club will have. Each horse is leased to the Club therefore if they are sold then members are not entitled to any money resulting from the sale of the Club horse.

Q: How much does it cost to join the Club?

MORC membership lasts 12 months from the day you join at £399 if paid annually and £420 if you choose to pay by 12 monthly instalments of £35.

Q. Are there any hidden costs on top of the yearly membership fee?

No. Other than the Membership fee (£399 if paid annually or £420 if paid in monthly instalments), there are no other compulsory costs involved in your membership. We do offer a number of optional services that are additional to Club membership, some of which do incur a small charge, and tickets to organised Club hospitality events are advertised at discounted prices for Members to book. However, you are under absolutely no obligation to use any of these optional services or to attend Club hospitality events.

Q: How is prize money distributed?

When a Member joins the Racing Club, they will be automatically allocated a 1/500 share each month of any net prize money earned from the 1st day of the following calendar month from the date on which they become a Member for the remainder of their Annual Membership Period.

Provided that the Member remains a member for the full twelve (12) month duration of their Annual Membership Period, the 1/500 share that has been allocated to that Member at the end of their Annual Membership Period shall then be paid by the Racing Club to the Member within sixty (60) days following the expiration of their twelve (12) months Annual Membership Period of the respective Member.

Prize money is subject to all Weatherbys deductions such as registration fees, entry fees, declarations fees and jockeys fees,

For example:

A Member who joins the Racing Club on 10th February 2019, will receive the benefits of membership from the day on which they join, save for the calculation of any prize money which shall only accrue from 1st March 2019 – 28th February 2020. The Member shall then be paid their 1/500 share of the net prize money of the Racing Club calculated by the Racing Club for the period 1st March 2019 – 28th February 2020, payable within 60 days of the 28th February 2020.

Q: How many Stable Visits will you have and will there be any costs involved?

We will have at least 1 visit to Manor House Stables each year.  Subject to space, members may be able to bring one guest with them. There is no cost to members to attend the yard on open mornings but there may be for guests.  

Q: Do all members receive tickets every time the Club has a runner?

There can be no guarantee of a ticket if we have many members wishing to attend but to ensure they are distributed fairly, members will need to apply to be entered into the ballot for badges every time a Club horse runs. How many tickets are assigned to each runner vary hugely from racecourse to racecourse. For this reason we can only provide members with tickets (not guests/friends & family) 

There will also be a chance for members to buy tickets if they are unlucky in the ballot but additional charges will apply.  

Q. Where do the horses race?

Our Club horses run wherever there is a suitable race, none of the Club’s trainers have any restrictions placed upon as to where they can race a horse they are training.

Q. Can I buy a membership for someone else

A. Yes, you can purchase Michael Owen Racing Club membership as a gift for someone else.

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